Reading, Padworth, Caversham

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Welcome to YMCA Reading

On behalf of everyone involved at YMCA Reading, I would like to welcome you to your new home. I hope that however long you stay with us, it is a wonderful experience for you.

At YMCA Reading, we believe that everyone who comes here brings their own special qualities, experiences and unique personality.

We encourage you to share your special qualities with us, other residents and the wider community. You will find that at the YMCA there are many opportunities for you to make your own valuable contribution.

We value your previous experiences, good and bad. Your experiences have helped to make you the person you are, and this is important both here and in your life beyond the YMCA. Living at the YMCA will be an opportunity for you to gain new experiences and we hope that you will benefit from this as much as possible.

We have a lot to offer because people don’t just live here, they also add something extra to the life and soul of the place.

The YMCA Residents Guide

This guide includes information that will help you to enjoy living at the YMCA and in this neighbourhood.

You will be given a full copy of the Guide when you move in to your new accommodation here at the YMCA.

In the guide, you will find advice on:

  • how to cope with your rent payments and financial help that is available if you need it;
  • what to do if you need repairs to your home;
  • how to get involved; and
  • a whole range of other important information.

We do not expect you to read the whole guide immediately. Just look through it to get some idea of the contents and, most importantly, keep it in a safe place to refer to in the future.

If you need help or advice on any issue, whether it’s related to living at the YMCA or anything else, please contact your local YMCA staff.

That is what they’re there for. Contact details for your YMCA Reading staff can be found here.
We hope you enjoy your stay at the YMCA.

Arlene Kersley
Chief Executive
YMCA Reading

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