Reading, Padworth, Caversham

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Housing & Support Team
Stephen Ritchie
Stephen Ritchie General Manager
About me
As General Manager I am responsible for both Housing & Support team and the facilities management at Reading and Padworth. The role includes managing the provision of support programmes for our residents as ell as; maintaining room availability, managing rent collection and day-to-day management of the building.
I enjoy the many challenges that housing young people transitioning to adulthood brings. “Every working day is different from the last”. Outside of work I'm passionate about sport and how it can benefit the individual and the community as one. I strongly believe that young people are given a bad press: every aspect of work delivered by YMCA Reading gives us an opportunity to celebrate and promote the successes and achievements of young people.
Steve Grimshawe
Steve Grimshawe Maintenance Supervisor
About me
As the Maintenance Supervisor, I oversee the upkeep and maintenance of the buildings and facilities. Additionally, I run classes in our purpose-built Workshop for children and young people who are referred to us from Readings Pupil Referral Unit (PRU). In these classes, I teach the learners a variety of wood-working skills with the ultimate aim of re-integrating the learner back in to mainstream education where possible.
Kirstie Brock
Kirstie Brock Complex Needs Worker
About me
Tony Henry
Tony Henry Housing Support Assistant
About me
I am a member of the Housing Support Team. My role places me at the forefront dealing with not just our residents but with visitors and our diverse range of user groups. I also work with the repairs team to ensure that room turnarounds happen as quickly as possible and that the rooms are fully stocked and ready for the next resident.
Tanika Davis
Tanika Davis Housing Support Assistant
About me
My role as a Housing Support Assistant is to advise our young people on their rent accounts and to support them if they begin to struggle with their finances.
Jason Bonner
Jason Bonner Housing Support Assistant
About me
Martin Morton Night Housing Support Assistant
Odawe Muzan Night Housing Support Assistant
Harun Kimani
Harun Kimani Case Practitioner
About me
I specialise in supporting young people to develop independence in social and living skills. I assess every individuals needs appropriately in a person-centred approach ensuring they have the necessary tools to exercise their potential creating a more responsive, engaging and cohesive society.
Jack May Maintenance
About me
Zanelle Brackin
Zanelle Brackin Changing Arrows Counselor
About me
Vicky Clare
Vicky Clare Case Practitioner - Family Unit
About me
Laura Hall
Laura Hall Case Practitioner
About me
Lillian Mshila
Lillian Mshila Case Practitioner
About me

About our accommodation


The Housing & Support Team provide a programme of support to our residents and manage our 40 units of accommodation for single young people aged between 16 and 25.  Depending on the support needs of our residents, we have 24 studio flats, 12 cluster flats and 4 studio flats in our Young Family Unit.

We work in partnership with the local authority’s housing, social or leaving care services who refer young people into our service.  We do not take direct referrals from elsewhere.  Additionally, young people can also self-refer by presenting themselves to Reading Borough Council.

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