Reading, Padworth, Caversham

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Support Service

YMCA Reading’s Support Service delivers medium to high-level accommodation-based housing related support to vulnerable young people that meet the individually assessed needs of the young people who receive the service, as reflected through their person-centred support plans.

The Support Service works with individuals to:

  • Maintain tenancies
  • Provide person-centred support, which takes full account of diverse needs and lifestyle choice
  • Promote clients choice, well-being and safety
  • Promote independence by focusing on abilities and encouraging young people to manage their home environment, finances, and maximise their income.
  • Encourage access to employment, education and training
  • Encourage meaningful day-time activities, community access and integration
  • Engage with relevant professionals, i.e. Children’s services, Adult Safeguarding Team, Youth Offending, college/ teaching staff, Connexions workers
  • Establish and sustain effective social support
  • Advice on personal care
  • Provide high quality, cost effective and efficient services
  • Provide equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice


  • 75% of Move-On’s will be planned and positive for the Young Person. Where this is not possible we shall work very closely with our partner agencies to try and ensure that Young People being asked to leave YMCA Reading are not put onto the streets with no-where to go.We shall engage 70% per cent of our NEET Young People back into Employment, Education or Training. We shall also continue to offer volunteering opportunities to all of our Young People within our own organisation, supporting them to become work ready and instilling the confidence in their own aspirations and dreams to be contributing members of our local community.
  • We shall deliver 520 hours of youth engagement per annum with a minimum of 4 young people (10% of YMCA Reading population) attending each session with the aim of supporting Young People to increase their independent living skills to become contributing members of society.
  • We shall run 12 group sessions throughout the year covering sexual health, relationships, drug and alcohol misuse and career development, to ensure that our young people are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to minimise the risks to themselves and others in their daily lives.
  • As a Support Service we are aware that resident engagement and involvement is of upmost importance. We shall run 12 residents forums with an attendance of at least 10 Young people in attendance (25% of the YMCA population) to ensure that young people have ownership of activities offered at YMCA Reading and have a say in the running of their accommodation.
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