Reading, Padworth, Caversham

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Parkside Cafe Team
Dan Squire Cafe Assistant
About me
Siobhan Street
Siobhan Street Cafe Assistant
About me
Daphne Witchalls
Daphne Witchalls Cafe Assistant (Volunteer)
About me
Daphne is always offering her assistant to others. Helping every customer she believes is in need of her service. She enjoys working in the kitchen as she has previous experience with cooking and baking. She loves combining her previous knowledge of home-made dishes and incorporating them to fit with the layout of the menu. Daphne is always full of ideas of what should be the dish of the day.
Michael King
Michael King Cafe Assistant (Volunteer)
About me
Michael is a determined individual who works as part as the team at Parkside Reading. Michael works constructively but is always flexible when plans change. He is always on his feet busy in the kitchen be it cooking, baking, preparing or serving. He enjoys the busy atmosphere in the Cafe especially when the Cafe is buzzing with different groups of people.

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