YMCA Reading


YMCA Celebrates 175 years - with some help from YMCA Reading Volunteers
08 Jan 2020

YMCA Globally are currently celebrating 175 years of active youth support around the world.  The big event is taking place from Sunday 4th of August through Wednesday the 7th at the Excel Centre in London.  Full details can be viewed at YMCA175

YMCA Reading is proud to have sent Jack and Bradley, our own amazing workshop and maintenance gurus to the event to provide volunteer support.  Look closely at the Event Day One video and you'll spot them working hard. They will no doubt come back with many stories to tell of the people they have meant from all over the world and the range of experiences they will have both at the event and staying in London for the week.

The event includes inspirational speakers from all over the world as well as performances, sport, fitness and wellbeing activities and a wide variety of workshops and social activities.

A great opportunity for young people (and some not so young) associated with the YMCA to network and find global common ground.