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Thanks to BCF Parkside Pre-School Children will have Woodland Learning in 2019-20
19 Aug 2019

Berkshire Community Foundation (BCF) have awarded YMCA Reading with a grant of £500 to go towards the transportation costs to get our Parkside Pre-School children out to the Padworth Activity Centre for termly woodland learning opportunities.

In July Alison Bennett, Pre-School Manager, and her team piloted a first initiative and took out a group who spend the day exploring the woods with a fairy-tale theme.  The children were convinced that the Padworth Centre building was in fact the home of Little Red Riding Hood's granny and the day was themed accordingly.  Much exploring took place in the woods and included the creation of many natural artworks made from the things the children found on the forest floor.

From the 2019-20 school year, termly visits are planned so that the children will get regular access to the woods.  Many of them live in flats and seldom see the countryside.

Because of the age of the children (2-4) and the number, specialist transport is required.  Parents are asked to contribute a small amount towards the cost, but thanks to this grant from BCF, we now know we can make this happen three times this year.

The three trips this year will culminate with both sessions Going on a Bear Hunt themed event in July. The trips will not be weather dependent as woodland learning is fun in rain or shine.  We expect that our planned outdoor classroom will be built by Christmas and the children can always retreat into Red Riding Hood’s cabin (The Centre) if need be.

Once again BCF have come through for us to help make this happen!  Thank you.

You can still support this initiative as.  The children all need wet weather gear and there are additional costs.  You can donate here.

Woodland art made by one 3 year old in July:

Woodland Art