YMCA Reading


Summertime at YMCA Reading
23 Jul 2019

Today we are told may break records for high temperatures in the UK.  For our part we are trying to keep cool with open windows, fans and cool tempers.  This time of year, loud music can be challenging for our neighbours, we do our best to respect that and encourage our residents to keep volumes at reasonable levels to respect the community both in our own building and beyond. 

The YMCA Parkside Cafe serves plenty of cold drinks and ice cream, but for me even in the heat I can't resist the coffee.  Next week the Café will be closed for a few days from Monday 29th to the 31st for their summer clean.  They will reopen on the 1st of August. 

This time of year our Support Team hold regular BBQ's for residents in addition to the other activities that take place.  Last week there was a special Caribbean feast, and I hear that the residents will have the opportunity to camp at Padworth later in the summer.

The YMCA Reading Parkside Pre-School is winding down this week for the end of term and their well-deserved summer break.  What a year they have had! In addition to the many and varied activities that take place at the Pre-School this year they have had many trips.  They have gone into town, had trips to the park, frequent trips to Parkside House Care Home to visit their more mature friends, and friends they have become!  Trips to our woodland centre at Padworth, which we are pleased will become a regular part of the curriculum.  

One of the highlights of our summer will be our YMCA Sleep Easy Event on the 2nd of August.  This is a sponsored sleep-out to raise money for everything we do here at YMCA Reading.  Okay I hear you thinking, you want us to sponsor you for a summer night of camping, sounds like a jolly.  Well it will be, and you can take part for £10 and a commitment to raise £50.  (Anyone that knows me will know that camping might just be challenging for me at least).

Please keep an eye out for regular updates on our activities here at YMCA Reading.