YMCA Reading


Open for Business - Changes at Parkside Cafe
08 Jan 2020

Today marks the reopening of the Parkside Cafe following the summer deep clean last week. We have launched new menu boards today as well with a few changes but all of our old favourites are still there.  The soft-play area has been sterilised and patched and is ready for the latest batch of tumbling toddlers. 

Parkside Cafe is 5* rated and closing for semi-annual deep cleans helps to keep us there.

Regulars will note that there has been an increase in our prices, however prices remain excellent value for money.  You will still get one of the lowest priced breakfasts in town!

We recently ran a Customer Survey and we know our customers would like to see some healthy options on the menu.  We are reviewing that. Keep an eye out for specials and new menu items. Our salad is already improved.

Parkside Cafe is part of the YMCA Reading stable of community facilities.  Our ambition has always been to provide good service to the local community while also providing a resource for our residents.  The Parkside Cafe gives us a valuable opportunity to integrate our residents in a public setting.  Running the cafe has proven costly and we do need to ensure that the Cafe covers its costs, we are very grateful for the support of our loyal customers. 

We are open Mon-Fri from 9am to 3pm.  As soon as we are able to afford to extend those hours we will, we know our customers enjoyed coming on Saturdays with the whole family for breakfast. In the meantime the space is available to rent for parties and events when it is not open.  Contact Jennie for more information.