YMCA Reading


Is it over yet? No but there is light!
03 Mar 2021

YMCA Reading Sport Centre EntranceMarch has come around again, another year end will soon be upon us.  There is a lot happening at YMCA Reading, though still firmly in lockdown, we are all very excited about emerging from the Covid chrysalis safely, gradually, and hopefully fully in June.

What has been happening here? 

The Milward Sports Centre, now YMCA Reading Sport Centre, has its completed facelift and we can't wait to open it up to the public and show it off.  

If you want information about booking any of the meeting rooms, Sport Studio or Sport Hall contact us on 01189575746.  We hope to have all of our facilities fully operational come 21st June 2021.

Alice & Brian in the YMCA Parkside Cafe have maintained a takeaway service throughout the pandemic, so don't be afraid to come to collect a coffee or snack, there is always a welcome face behind the counter.  They have also been ensuring YMCA residents are looked after, with breakfast for all and meals provided to those who are shielding or isolating.  We are very grateful to a number of charities that have provided funding for them to run a Resident training project throughout Lockdown 3, which has given willing residents a positive activity during the long days and enabled Alice to keep the doors open despite very low revenues. Thanks to: Berkshire Community Foundation,  The Eyre Family Foundation and the Albert Hunt Trust, who have all generously donated towards this project.

It has been a frustrating (not to mention stressful) year with so many of our facilities forced to shut down.  Nevertheless Rachel made sure the down time at the YMCA Padworth Activity Centre was put to good use and the entire facility has been repainted internally and kitted with new bunk beds, tables and chairs.  The outdoor pizza oven is now fully installed and the outdoor classroom is scheduled to be built in time for summer bookings! Pizza Oven

We are grateful to that we were able to provide space to Cranbury College for Covid safe learning in the Sport Centre up until schools closed again properly in January.  The Workshop training sessions have also had to go temporary shut-down as the space tis too small to guarantee the safety of trainers and students. 

Staff have remained safe and well, with only one staff member with confirmed Covid over Christmas and one with suspected Covid in January.  Staff all now have access to the NHS vaccine service and most have been gratefully receiving their vaccines. Staff are also regularly attending the Lateral Flow Test Centres that have been popping up for Key workers. 

Well done to all the YMCA Staff that got through this year, it has been a tough one, and what a good job they have done.  

Well done to all YMC A Residents, who during unprecedented times have stuck to most of the rules and stayed safe during the pandemic.  We truly hope to have you out and about soon and really want you to get the most of the opportunities available for you here too once things open up again.

Finally, as the year end rolls near, I will be saying my own goodbye to YMCA Reading.  I will leave that for a separate post, but I leave knowing that YMCA Reading will be in good hands and another year will roll around just as quickly!