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End of another year at Parkside Pre-School
31 Jul 2019

It's always with mixed feelings that the end of July rolls around for the Staff and children at Parkside Pre-School.  This is the time of year when we say 'good-bye' to many of our youngsters as they prepare to move onto 'big' school in September.  There are tears and joys to be shared.  But every year we know that we are sending off our youngsters with the best possible of starts. 

Attached is a photo of one of the lovely and thoughtful parting gifts we have received this year.  

However this time of year is also when we look forward to the arrival of a new crop of youngsters that will arrive in September.  Now is when we get excited planning the themes and activities for next year.  We can look forward to exploring:

  • Colours
  • Space
  • Dinosaurs
  • What makes me, me?
  • and Jungle themes

Some of theses will be explored on our planned visits to the Padworth Activity Centre next year, but we still need help funding transportation to get us there.  You can donate here.  

We also look forward to introducing our new children to our old(er) friends at the Parkside Care Home with resumed visits in the autumn.  And the year will be capped off with a trip to see Cinderella at the Hexagon!  

For more information on the YMCA Parkside Pre-School, see our website.